Original Artist Music Licensed Music For Your Business
You may already know the importance of having the right music for your business. But did you also know that to play music in your restaurant, retail store or salon, you need public performance rights from the copyright holders of the music you play. Choosing nexTUNE as your source for business music provides all the performance rights you need including ASCAP and BMI.
nextune radio channels Featuring 150+ Channels.
Curated for consumer environments including:

• Stores
• Restaurants
• Hotels
• Bars
• Salons
• Healthcare and more.
nextune channel line up Create Favorite Channel Lists.
It's easy to save channels you like or that match your business objectives.
• Retailing
• Hospitality
• Healthcare
• Special Occasions
• Latin
• Rock, Pop, Blues and More
nextune bio rhythm Bio Rhythmic Programming.
Creates subconscious connections between you, your business and your customers.
Customers are more likely to stay longer, purchase more and return more often with our unique formatting technology.
nextune instore messaging Market To Your Customers.
Design your own channel mix and include audio messages and announcements.
Control program schedules for different times of the day, week and month all from within your account.
Flexible Subscription Plans
With years of experience we know that not all businesses have the same music needs or budget. We offer three affordable service plans that feature nexRADIO with over 150 channels, our PREMIUM service that gives you complete online control of your account, or receive full music management services with our exclusive PREMIUM+ plan. From the basics to full "hands on" assistance, we're here to help you grow your business. Contact us at 888-316-1030.
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 $16.95 USD per month 
Provides unlimited access to all 150+ Bio Rhythm Channels featuring a wide variety of formats, genres, moods and special occasion themes. Create Favorite Channel lists and limit playback to only those favorite channels. Ideal for those that want a variety of music options at their fingertips.

$24.95 USD per month 
Take control of what plays in your business using our online management tools. In addition to nexRADIO, you can create schedules by hour, day, week or month. Design custom music channels that define"Your Brand". Upload and create messages for different locations. Premium is perfect for the establishment that desires the independence of managing their own music.

$34.95 USD per month 
We provide a personalized service starting with a dedicated Music Specialist and Account Manager. Premium+ is like having your own in-house music team. This high touch service is uniquely suited for chain operators needing music specialists to manage the music they expect to hear in their business.
TOUCH Media Player
You'll need our TOUCH media player for each of your business locations where your music is played. Connect the TOUCH to the internet and then to your amplifier and you're ready to go.
nextune touch media player nexTUNE TOUCHScroll the channel list - touch to play.
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Cost: $169.95 USD each. Rent for $10 USD a month.
Features: 7 inch Touch screen to select your channels. On screen display shows you what is playing. WI-Fi and Ethernet connections. Audio out for connecting to your sound system. Perfect for those that want on-site control over what plays in a location.
Enterprise Control: Set the access level for a single location or for all locations. From your online account you can lock down each Touch media player to play only what you allow to be played. Perfect for companies that want corporate control over what is played.
Lifetime Service Warranty: Whether you purchase or rent your Touch media player, we'll replace it free should it fail under normal conditions and use for as long as you're a subscriber to our music service.
Requirements: Media platforms require an internet connection and feature "Smart Streaming" technology that manages internet stutters or delays due to high traffic providing a smooth listening experience.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Start your subscription service now and start playing
The Right Music @ The Right Time.
If during the next 30 days you're not completely satisfied, cancel and pay nothing.


We're a full service, music solutions company committed to the highest standards in customer service.
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