Retail Shops
  • 79% of consumers shop longer and make more purchases when they’re exposed to music while shopping.
  • 76% of customers feel more relaxed in retail stores that play music.
  • 60% of customers spend more time in a shop if they hear music they like.

  • 84% of restaurants say music helps create a better atmosphere for their customers.
  • 52% of GenZ and Millennials say that the music selection is an important factor in their decision to visit a casual-dining restaurant.
Medical and Hospital Music
As reported in Prevention Magazine, clinical studies established music to have these benefits;
  • Music improves mood and mobility of people with Parkinson's disease.
  • Music reduces the need for sedatives and pain relievers during and after surgery.
  • The right music can improve recovery time before and after surgery.
Our Wellness Channels play a critical role on a patient's good health and well being.
Well Being Music

The Bio Rhythm standard segments the program day into time cycles that match with the intended activity of the environment. Each cycle starts at a minimum tempo then rises in tempo with each subsequent song until the peak of the cycle is reached. This Bio-Cycle pattern repeats through the entire channel. The Bio-Cycle of each channel can be adjusted to fit the objective of any business environment.

Our professional Music Curators evaluate each song placed in our library of thousands of songs. Each song is tagged with attributes that provide a detailed profile of the song within our system. This ensures that every song played in your business is appropriate for your customer and each channel adheres to the Biorhythm standard.

Channel Maker
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The Right Music For Business

The music played in your business is an important factor in managing your brand and connecting with your customer.

NEXTUNE is the right music choice for your business. We provide the music you want and the public performance licenses you'll need in your business.

Personal music services don't provide your business with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC or GMR public performance rights. You'll get the coverage you need, the music you want and the customer attention you expect with NEXTUNE.

Your Favorite Artists and Their Songs

Our music channels feature the best Indie, R&B, Dance, Country, Jazz and Rock bands of yesterday and today.
Music Channels

NEXTUNE CHANNELS offers the widest variety of 24 hour streaming music channels curated exclusively for businesses like yours.

We have over 150 streaming channels thematically programmed for bars, restaurants, retail outlets, medical centers, spas and salons. Check out our channel line up.
Background Music

CHANNEL MAKER, included, in all service plans, lets you build your own custom music channels.

For daily play or special occasions, create your own special music mix from dozens of genres, styles, tempos and music eras. Insert DJ announcements to create your own branded music channel!

Music Channels

CHANNEL MANAGER provides enterprise level control of the music played in multiple locations from anywhere you have internet access.

Manage, schedule and monitor the music and messages being played across an entire chain of locations from your online account. Check out these features.
Background Music

CHANNEL MASTER offers a complete, full service music management package.

From major chain rollouts to daily location monitoring, our professional team will help you design your "audio environment" and manage schedules and messages to meet your objectives.


Download the NEXTUNE App

Try NEXTUNE CHANNELS right now for 30 days using your iPhone or iPad. If NEXTUNE CHANNELS is right for you then activate your subscription for $24.99 a month starting with your second month. Or, cancel within 30 days and owe nothing.

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Hospitality Music

Our Hospitality Channels play a central role in creating the mood, increasing sales and driving profits.
  • 84% of restaurants say music helps create a better atmosphere for their customers.
  • 52% of Millennials say that the music is important in choosing a restaurant.
Retail Music

Our Retail Channels are designed for your customers to shop longer and buy more.
  • 79% of shoppers shop longer and spend more with music.
  • 76% feel more relaxed in stores that play music.
  • 60% shop longer if they hear music they like.

Health Care Music

Our Wellness Channels play a critical role on a patient's good health and well being. Clinical studies established these benefits to include;
  • Mood and mobility of those with Parkinson's disease improved with music.
  • The need for pain relievers during and after surgery were reduced with music.
  • Music improved recovery time before and after surgery.
Seasonal Music

Channels curated to make every holiday a festive celebration. Dozens of special occasion channels including Christmas, Oktoberfest, Valentine's Day, Halloween and many more.

You can also create your own special mix with Channel Maker for birthdays, themed parties and banquets. No matter what the occasion, you'll never be without the right music for the right time.


Mood • Motivation • Connection

We use a unique technology when playlisting each of our channels called Biorhythm. This patented playlisting technology encourages a positive, uplifitng experience within your business by regulating tempo and mood, essential ingredients for connecting with your customer.


iOS Apple Store 1. NEXTUNE Music App
No special equipment needed. Use your iOS mobile device in your store to play music. Simply, connect the audio out of your device to your store amplifier. Download the NEXTUNE Music App exclusively from the App Store free of charge.
Touch Media Player2. NEXTUNE TOUCH
Order our TOUCH media player for a commercial music player dedicated to your business. TOUCH provides advanced streaming technology for smooth, reliable performance. Finger tip access to all your favorite channels.
3. Use Your Web Browser
Log in to your account with any browser to play your music over the internet.
Simply, connect the audio out of your computer to your store amplifier.
on the web
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