• Unlimited access to all 150+ Bio Rhythm Channels featuring the original artists and their music.
  • Choose from a wide variety of formats, genres, moods and special occasion themes.
  • Create Favorite Channel lists and limit playback to only those favorite channels.
  • Our music is licensed by ASCAP and BMI so no need for any additional performance rights.


In addition to all the nexRADIO features:
  • Create your own channels with CHANNEL MAKER.
  • Insert messages and announcements into any channel or location.
  • Add locations and assign users to those locations.
  • Manage all your locations and users.

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Channel Manager Take control over what music plays in your business.

  • Manage your channels.
  • Add users and locations.
  • Monitor each location.
  • Order services.
  • Review Statements.
  • You can control what music plays in each location using your phone, tablet or desktop. Channel Manager is a web application that can be accessed using any web browser or device.

    • Play channels by hour, day or week.
    • Assign specific channels to select locations, markets or regions
    • Attach messages to your schedules to play where and when you want.

    • Produce messages from anywhere.
    • Upload them to your online Library.
    • Insert messages into your schedules.
    • Attach locations to your schedules.
    Segment locations into groups and play different channels along with different messages in each group at the same time.

    You'll need a TOUCH media player to play schedules you create for your locations.

    Use the TOUCH to manage multiple location chains all from your corporate office. See Devices.

    Choose the program that's best for you.