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customer care Find answers to your most frequently asked questions about how your Subscription works. If you're still not sure give us a call. We're here to make your experience the best possible.

1 Can I create my own custom channels?
2 Can I limit my locations to only play channels I choose?
3 Can I schedule different channels to play different times of the day?
4 Can I schedule different channels to play at different locations?
5 How do I limit the playback to ONLY my Favorites list?
6 What is a Bio-Cycle?
7 What kind of music do I get?
8 How do I control what plays in my locations?
9 Do I have to buy a TOUCH media player?
10 Do I need a TOUCH media player?
11 What happens if my TOUCH Media Player fails?
12 How many messages can I insert into my channels?
13 Can I insert messages into my channels?
14 How do I insert a message?
15 How do I reset all my skipped songs?
16 What happens when I skip a song?
17 How do I insert a message in the iOS App?
18 How do I make a channel in the Mobile App?
19 What are Genres and Styles?
20 What is the lyric rating?
21 What is Tempo?
22 Can I play music on multiple iOS devices for 1 location?
23 Disabling iOS alerts for continuous playback
24 Unable to Play or Stream on iOS.
25 App is unresponsive or slow.
26 How do I change my password?
27 Channel Manager Account Access and Users?
28 Do I need a Performance License to play NEXTUNE?
29 Do you provide complete sound systems?
30 Is there a contract for a minimum service term?
31 What happens when my subscription term ends?
32 How can I cancel my account?
33 Can I stop service at a location?
34 What areas do you provide service?